TABLET DEDUSTER Gaylord has specially designed a dedusting machine to remove adges and fine surface dust without damaging tablets. GMP is kept firmly in view while designing dedusting zone. The result is completely paint free dedusting area. All contact parts are made out of SS. The machine is suitable for the requirements of any standard tablet compression machine. The rotary screen is mounted freely on a pair of spools and bearing in SS housing. So it can be lifted up easily and thus provides the easier cleaning of the screen cylinder as well as housing. The principle of the operation of this machine is to offer the tablet, highest possible effective screening length by using rotary spiral screen cylinder. As the tablets enter the cylinder they are gently tumbled to release the layer of the surface dust and edges. The dust is collected by an air extraction system through a hosepipe spigat connection.


Model GPS DB-90
Screen cylinder speed 40 RPM
Height inlet spout Min. 31" Max 40"
Electrical Motor 1/10 HP 50 RPM TEFC
Single Phase 220 V
Over all dimension 25 X 10" W X 39"H
Net Weight (for Stand) 10 kg
Gross Weight (for Stand) 18 kg
Net Weight (for Drum Housing) 18 kg
Gross Weight (for Drum Housing) 20 kg
Case Dimension (for Drum Housing) 27" X 14" X 13"


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